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Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Pralines



Cutting edge confections by chocolatier to the stars, Aneesh Popat. Cacao beans and flavours from around the world are blended to create a luxurious and tastebud-blowing experience. 
Brazilian chocolate from the Akesson's Estate pairs perfectly with roasted peanuts giving a lovely depth of flavour to our salted praline. It is then encased in a dark chocolate shell and dusted in Ecuadorian chocolate powder. Since the truffle is dusted in chocolate powder and not cocoa powder you will never get that initial bitterness. First experience deep peanut notes, fragrant notes of Bourbon vanilla and the lingering seasoning from sea salt.



PEANUTS, 75% Brazil (cane sugar, cacao, cacao butter, SOYA Lecithin), Ecuadorian cacao, cacao butter, sugar, vanilla, sea salt.