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Candied Apple & Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Dragées



Cutting edge confections by chocolatier to the stars, Aneesh Popat. Cacao beans and flavours from around the world are blended to create a luxurious and tastebud-blowing experience. 

The Chocolatier has brought together two greats: apple strudle and chocolate in their Baked Apple and Cinnamon chocolate. Candied apple is coated in a fine layer of dark chocolate with a final dusting of cinnamon. Divine!



60% Dark chocolate (sugar, cacao, cacao butter, SOYA lecithin), candied apple (sugar, apple, glucose), cinnamon

Suitable for the following dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, alcohol free, Halal (not certified), Kosher (not certified).
Contains: Soya.

Nutrition information per 100g; energy: 1754kJ (419kcal), fat 16g - in which saturated: 10g, carbohydrate: 65g - in which sugars: 60g, protein: 2g, salt: 0g.