Vegan Starter Pack

Vegan Starter Pack
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Pack contains:

The L-Plate Vegan. NEW 2013. The ideal guide for new vegans, this handy booklet lists the masses of veggie foods available from supermarkets and invaluable tips on how to replace dairy and eggs in your diet.

Martin Shaw Cooks Veggie – A delicious collection of totally animal-free recipes from TV’s popular actor.

Nutrition in a Nutshell – Written by Juliet Gellatley & Dr Christine Fenn (Doctor of Nutrition). Why a plant based diet is healthy and nutritious.

Your Health in Your Hands – Written by Dr David Ryde. Why a veggie diet is healthier than the typical Western meat diet.

It’s Time to Go Veggie magazine - Bright, up-beat and very readable. A mass of information on how to go veggie, a powerful section on children’s health designed to help worried parents and celebrity interviews with some of Britain’s favourite household names, including Martin Shaw, Joanna Lumley, Jenny Seagrove and Chrissie Hynde. Plus an exclusive, feature-length interview with veggie dad, Paul McCartney.


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