White Lies - Why You Don't Need Dairy Talk on DVD

White Lies - Why You Don't Need Dairy Talk on DVD

Total Running Time: 2 Hours

Price: £7.00

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It features Professor Jane Plant (Your Health in Your Hands fame); Professor Colin Campbell (The China Study), Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation's Dr Justine Butler and Viva! and the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation founder & director Juliet Gellatley.

Topics include the latest research on dairy's link with cancer, the impact that its growth hormones have on human health, the dangers posed by milk proteins and saturated fats, how dairy causes heart disease, diabetes and obesity and whether we should consume dairy at all.

Speakers challenge the Holy Grail that children need milk, calling it a 'myth'. And how the welfare of dairy cows is affecting consumers is exposed.

Gripping and life-saving viewing!

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