Viva! Mini-Guide to a Veggie Christmas

Vegetarian Christmas Guide


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Welcome to Viva!’s Christmas Guide – where “Peace on Earth” takes on real meaning for all of us on the planet and Christmas dinner is a celebration of life, not to mention a gorgeous feast!

The sad reality of the life and death of farmed animals and all the hideous cruelty involved has been in the news more than ever, thanks to vital undercover and campaign work done by Viva! and other groups. Added to that is the United Nation’s latest report which urges us to move towards an animal-free diet for the poor old planet.

Yet there is hope – sales of meat have gone down considerably and vegan numbers in the UK are estimated at one million, with veggies taking up a whopping five million – and you can be part of that much-needed change!

Having a veggie Christmas is not only important for the reasons above but also for symbolic reasons. Cooking and sharing delicious cruelty-free food at this time of year sends a positive message to friends and family.

So enjoy these lovely vegan recipes which range from classic to modern – and all 100 per cent animal-free.

In addition, our Veganiser and Stockist pages give you extra ideas to help with the celebrations.

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