Viva! 5:2 Vegan Style


Slimming Guide

By Juliet Gellatley and Jane Easton

Price: £1.00

This latest diet is taking the world by storm - but is it based on sound science and nutrition? Does it work?! (The answer is yes, it certainly does!) The 5:2 involves eating 500 calories a day (women) or 600 cals (men) for two days a week. On the remaining five you can eat and drink normally. For many people who fail to restrict calories or portion count day after day on a conventional diet, the 5:2 really works. This fabulous and simple 12 page guide explains why weight loss is fast on this diet and how to keep the weight off. It also explores why the diet is positive for our health. It has nine vegan recipes and suggests how to combine them for your two 'fasting' days.

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