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Adopt Timmy the pony


Aged only 18 weeks and abruptly weaned from his mother, this miniature Shetland pony was transported to saleyards around the country by his dealer looking for a good price. He wasn't sold and was taken back to the dealer's premises, where a few weeks later a pony died because of poor welfare. Janet went to fetch Timmy and found a sick, depressed foal covered in lice and sores, undernourished and terrified of humans - a result of the dealer's habit of picking the foals up by their manes and tails when throwing them off and on his lorry. Timmy responded to treatment and became more confident. He might be small and cute but he is very strong and cheeky, always causing havoc and nipping knees! For a minimum donation of £18 you'll receive a certificate, a photo and two updates. Your money will directly help feed and care for Timmy the pony while contributing to vital campaigns to save millions more lives - animal and human! If your Animal Adoption is intended as a gift, please email our Adoptions co-coordinator Rhiannon (rhiannonbloomfield@viva.org.uk) with the following information: Recipient's name: Recipient's date of birth (if under 18): Recipient's address: I would like the adoption to arrive by: Please send the first adoption pack to: me/recipient Please leave the card blank/include the following message: I’ve adopted this animal before, yes/no