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Sea Salted Caramel Drinking Fudge Gift Pack



A devilishly different fudgy drink, hot or cold.

From winter warmer, stirred into hot soya (or any plant-based) milk, to a summer frappé mixed with ice cold milk, an indulgent milkshake swirled with dairy-free ice cream, a fruit smoothie steeped with pulped fruit and crushed ice... the only limit is your imagination.

Richer, creamier and so much easier, just snip the sachet, squeeze and stir into milk for a decadent drink of unrivalled richness and smoothness. Less of the hassle, more of the flavour, none of the mess. Just six sachets of unashamed self-indulgence, inviting you to sink back, shake off the day and salve your soul.

Have fun with your drinking fudge and try adding your favourite toppings – our Freedom Marshmallows are delicious! Comes in a gift box containing six sachets. 





Naturally Dairy Free and vegan friendly! Add your own dairy substitute (i.e. Soya Milk) to create your fudgey drink.