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Zotter Soy White Couverture Bar

A white chocolate without milk but organic soya. The 30% cocoa butter content makes this white couverture melt wonderfully and it is accompanied by the natural sweetness of unrefined natural sugar and a pinch of genuine bourbon vanilla. A vegan baker's delight!

Ingredients: cocoa butter°, raw cane sugar°, soy powder°(25%: soy° & maltodextrin° & corn syrup°), emulsifier: soy lecithin°, salt, vanilla°, star anise°, cinnamon°



Soft pastille mints with authentic & fresh ingredients (no unidentified flavourings here!). These soft breath fresheners come in a handy metal tin that can be reused to store bits n' bobs when you've devoured the lot.

Choose from 3 flavours:


Coco Caravan Indian Chai Bar

Silky smooth and gently spiced raw chocolate bar from welsh chocolatiers Coco Caravan. A mixture of Indian spices take your tastebuds around the globe from Peru to Java and via India back to Wales!

Ingredients: Cacao butter, cacao powder (cacao mass 72%), coconut blossom nectar, chicory, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and nutmeg, raw ground vanilla, Anglesey salt.


Coco Caravan - Tamari Almond Chocolate

Unique and tasty raw bar from new chocolatiers Coco Caravan. Cleverly combining salty, bitter and sweet for a surprising taste bud sensation, these bars are silky soft and full of flavour. Coco activate their raw and unblanched almonds in a salty Tamari soy sauce. During the activation of the almonds, enzymes are being awoken and made ready for the sprout. By roasting the nuts we stop the activation and keep the ready enzymes for you. The roasted nuts are then combined in a bar of chocolate and give a beautiful combination of salty nuts and smooth dark chocolate.



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