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T. Colin Campbell

Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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Whole is a passionate appraisal of our crazy health care system; a plea for change in the way science views and dismisses the impact of diet on health. A call for an end to our love affair with drugs and supplements. It looks at the reason it’s so hard not just to accept, but even notice the science showing meat and dairy causes disease; that whole plant foods protect us.
Whole examines the mental prison, or paradigm, in which Western science and medicine operates, which makes it impossible to see the obvious facts that lie outside it. Campbell explains the science of why a vegan diet is our best bet for good health; why society is obsessed on the wrong paths such as genetics for the answer to our health crisis. He uses many examples from his highly esteemed career to show why profit is winning at the cost of our health.
Whole is an inspiring, eloquent, magnificent and eye-opening book, a scientific tour de force with enormous potential for helping change the world.

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