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Kathy Freston

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World

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Raised on chicken-fried steak and cheesy grits, BBQ ribs and vanilla milkshakes it wasn’t until her thirties that Kathy Freston embraced the lifestyle of a veganist  - someone who eats a plant-based diet not just for their own personal well-being, but for the whole web of benefits it brings to our ecosystem and beyond. Kathy's shift toward this new life was gradual, but the impact was profound; effortless weight loss, reversal of disease, environmental responsibility, spiritual awakening - these are just a few of the ten profound changes that are described in this book. Filled with compelling facts, stories of people who have improved their weight and health conditions as a result of making the switch plus Q&As with leading medical researchers. Veganist concludes with a step-by-step practical guide to becoming a veganist... easily and gradually. Accessible, optimistic and illuminating, a book that will change the way you eat forever.