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Vegan Is Love

Ruby Roth


This book is very captivating. I read it in one go because I liked finding out about animals and how being vegan helps. It's good for kids to know the truth and how we can make a difference. The book is a bit sad because it shows the animals being tested on and an elephant treated badly in a circus. It makes me angry that dolphins are locked in pools just so people can watch them jump. I was upset that they make animals into clothes because we have enough other materials to make clothes out of.

And the bullfighting is very sad because they throw spears at handsome animals. It is amazing this cruelty is legal. I would lock these people up if I could! People shouldn't eat meat because it causes diseases and early death (certainly for the animals!). Eating meat kills farmed animals but also makes wild animals endangered because their land is taken away to grow feed for factory farmed animals. We could grow organic fruit and veg instead.

Review by Jazz Wardle Gellatley, age 9.



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