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Kara M.L. Rosen


Plenish started life as an online juice boutique catering to health-conscious Londoners. Now, putting into practice the expert advice from a whole host of nutritional therapists and doctors – you can sip, slurp and gulp your way to health with 50 juice recipes.

A plant-based diet can be pretty powerful when it comes to addressing your body’s ailments and boosting your mood. In the first few chapters of Plenish, prickly health issues from arthritis and high blood pressure to insomnia and stress are prescribed the fruits, veg and superfoods that have the potential to help you most.

Every green, fruit and root-based juice recipe highlights its special properties; Flagging libido? Try the Snake Charmer – a charming blend of celery, spinach and watermelon. Immune need boosting? Try the Spicy Lemonade – a cold-pressed concoction of citrus, chillies and agave nectar. Replenish and turn your kitchen into a rainbow of health!

Ratio of Food Images to Recipes 70%

Vegan Know How - 2 Whisks – Recipes require minimal processing and ingredients but you do need a good juicer.

Wow Factor – Alkaline Iced Coffee – a blend of creamy cashew milk, ground roasted chicory and ice, that’s caffeine-free and a surprising hit.

Bookshelf Appeal – Probably the only book on juicing you’ll ever need!


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