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Greens 24/7

Jessica Nadel


Gone are the days of limp lettuce and frizzled out frisée garnishes. In Greens 24/7, the good stuff takes centre stage; in a morning sarnie of Avocado Toast with Coconut ‘Bacon’ to a cheeky c in Cake with Green Goddess Granola Crumble. 

Nadel’s love of veggies, really shines through and each recipe caters for the diverse flavours of greens from sweet courgettes to earthy beetroot tops.

Ratio of Food Images to Recipes100%

Vegan Know How - 1 Whisk – Simple, low maintenance recipes as long you can get your hands on greens. The Superfood Salad is a ridiculously easy mix of nine healthy ingredients (eg tinned aduki  beans, baby kale/chard, goji berries) dressed to impress and barely a few minutes to prep.

Wow Factor – The Green Fact Files make for tasty reading, plus you can impress your fellow diners with the fact that ‘Gram for gram, kale contains 17 times more vitamin c than carrots’.

Bookshelf Appeal – A little green never hurt anyone; go on and try a slice of Chard, Coriander and Cashew ‘Cheese’ Pizza!



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