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Everyone's Going Dairy-Free Guide

Everyone's Going Dairy-Free Guide

Jane Easton


Compiled by Viva!'s very own vegan kitchenista - Jane Easton - this delicious updated guide guarantees to rock your dairy-free and vegan lifestyle.

UPDATED 2016! This 2016 edition is a big shake-up of one of Viva!'s most popular and well-received guides, the old 'How to Be Dairy Free!'. Not just for the dairy intolerant but anyone who wants to cut out dairy from their diet and explore the exciting and tasty world of dairy-free alternatives. Features 40 pages chock full of recipes from homemade Cashew Cream to vegan Tiramisu; a handy chart that shows you what foods are calcium-rich; helpful shopping lists on where to get your essential dairy-free products from vegan cheese to tofu and Viva!'s top dairy-free secrets (hint: avocados). Buy our companion health guide Why You Don't Need Dairy here.      

Rave Reviews Viva!life #56 (Summer 2014) - http://issuu.com/vivaweb5/docs/viva-life-issue-56-small7/21?e=0


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